If you don't see a current job opening that matches your skills and interests, don't worry! We regularly update our job listings, so please check back often. And if you're incredibly excited about working with us, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at, and tell us a bit about yourself and what kind of role you're interested in. We'll keep your information on file and reach out if a suitable opportunity arises in the future.

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Working in a company with a rare setup, it’s product- and service-based and has its own school.

Work-life balance (because your family and spare time matter)

  • Remote-first company. We have all options: work remotely, make the best of both worlds with a hybrid model, or work onsite.
  • Flexible hours. For all of us to thrive, it’s essential to have the flexibility to work when our productivity is at its peak.
  • Paid Time Off. We have 20 days of PTO and additional 3 sick days. Of course, there are around 10 more days of state holidays.
  • No mandatory group events outside of working hours (like dinners and team buildings). Your private time is yours only; all those events are optional.
  • Flexible location. You can work from anywhere you like, as long as you are in a distraction-free workspace with a stable internet connection, delivering your finest work, having regular check-ins with supervisors, and availability for team meetings. We will always respect your choice but would love to see you in person occasionally.

Private Health insurance

  • We’re committed to keeping each employee healthy and happy through our private medical insurance. You will receive Delta Generali medical insurance that covers a range of services to help you take the best care of your health.

Learning and professional development

  • Digital library. One of our core values is individual and team growth and improvement. You will get access to our library and be able to request additional courses, books, or any material you might need. Our favorite resources so far: Laracasts, VueSchool, Udemy, and SkillShare.
  • Physical book library. Our office and studio are full of books. You can take any book home. The library is extended by the employee's requests.
  • In-house learning. Since sharing is caring, our employees organize knowledge-sharing sessions within teams, where you can teach your colleagues new things and vice versa (social/soft skills workshops, tech lectures, and knowledge sharing). Overall, you will have the opportunity to grow individually and with your work buddies.

Family, support & care

  • Birth of a child. The most significant moment in life! You get €200 for covering expenses.
  • Father. One week of parental leave for fathers on the birth of a child.
  • Child's departure to kindergarten. We know this one can be stressful for both the parent and child, so take the day off. And use €50 bonus for expenses.
  • Child starting school. You get a day off and €100.
  • The first day of the school year for children from 1st to 4th grade. You get a free day.
  • New Year's children's package. We usually gather with all children to celebrate this occasion.


  • Taraba Education discount. You will have Friends & Family 20% discount on all our courses.
  • Company equipment. You will get a laptop, keyboard, mouse, headphones, and whatever else is needed for your role.
  • Community projects. Giving back to our local community is vital to us, which is why you will also be able to participate in some of the projects we do. Regardless of the cause, all those events bring us together and help create a strong employee bond.

Our hiring process

At Taraba, we believe that finding the right fit for our team is a crucial part of ensuring the success of our company. That's why our hiring process consists of multiple stages designed to help us get to know you better and evaluate your skills and experience.

The specific steps in our hiring process may vary depending on the position you're applying for, but here's an overview of what you can generally expect:

  1. Initial Screening: Once we receive your application, our recruiting team will carefully review your resume and cover letter. If we think you might be a good fit for the role, we'll reach out to you to schedule an initial call to discuss your experience and answer any questions you may have about Taraba and the position.
  2. Test or Assignment: Depending on the role, we may ask you to complete a test or assignment to demonstrate your skills and knowledge. This could involve anything from a coding challenge to a writing sample and will give us a better sense of your abilities and potential.
  3. HR Interview: If you successfully complete the test or assignment, we'll schedule an interview with a member of our HR team. This interview will allow you to learn more about Taraba's culture, values, and employee benefits and policies. We'll also ask you some behavioral and situational questions to understand your fit with our team better.
  4. Technical or Expert Interview: If we feel that you're a strong fit after the HR interview, we'll invite you to an interview with one of our technical or subject matter experts. This interview will focus more specifically on your skills and experience and may involve technical questions or a case study to evaluate your problem-solving abilities.
  5. Final Decision: After the technical interview, our team will evaluate all the information we've gathered about you and make a final decision. If we feel that you're the right candidate for the job, we'll extend an offer to you and work with you to get started at Taraba.

We know that job hunting can be stressful, so we'll do our best to keep you informed and updated throughout the process. If at any point you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're excited to get to know you and see if you fit our team!

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